Enjoy the fundamental force of the ocean.

Raw. Wild. Natural. In the vast expanse of the world’s oceans, a tiny organism forms the basis for all life. For billions of years, plant plankton has been the superfood for all marine life. The time has now come to bring this natural treasure to shore, and let it revolutionise how we eat. After all, plankton has everything we need. Packed in a tiny plant, which will make a huge difference.

Plant Plankton:
the answer to countless questions.

Bioactive ingredients, environmentally-friendly production, well-researched healthbenefits, savoury umami flavour, high bioavailability – these are just some of the many reasons why plankton should be partof our diet. Quite honestly, it has everything in its f(l)avour.


Plankton is not just a plant. Plankton covers a wide variety of microscopic plants, which are cultivated under ideal conditions on algae farms. Controlled cultivation ensures the marine ecosystem remains intact so that fish and krill stocks are protected. And to guarantee purity and quality, tastyplankton is tested 100% by German laboratories.


The right ingredient for every day: plankton in food. Plankton can replace many animal or plant-based foods, without any sacrifices having to be made. As a source of protein, vegan umami flavouring or natural dose of vitamins – plankton offers all-round benefits.


Simply does more: plankton in food. Plankton is a genuine all-rounder, with the potential to make every dish into something really special. Whether it’s used in seafood, Asian recipes or as an ingredient in high-quality food innovations, the benefits of plankton offer endless possibilities.


Seasoning. More than a taste of the sea. The culinary potential of plankton. From its natural aroma to varieties offering a neutral taste through to the full umami flavour – plant plankton has the power to produce a genuine culinary transformation. We will work with you to find the best type of plankton for your recipes.


Sustainable. For two billion years. Plant plankton is like a superhero for sustainable consumers – its cultivation saves resources; it is practically climate neutral and can be brought to the plate without any ethical concerns. In short, plankton has an ecological footprint that barely leaves a trace behind.


More in it for you. The ingredients of plankton in detail: Plant plankton contains: 23 x more iron than spinach, 10 x more beta-carotene than carrots, 10 x more calcium than milk, 2 x more protein than meat.

so versatile

the many health benefits of plant plankton.
Excels in all areas:
plant plankton.

We call it a natural all-inclusive package: plankton gives you everything you need for a balanced diet, from a wide variety of plant-based nutrients and bioactive compounds to essential fatty acids and valuable vitamin B12. Plankton therefore compensates for all the potential nutritional deficiencies of a vegetarian or vegan diet. As well as being a healthy addition for meat-eaters of course.

Hale and hearty.
And not just for whales.

Bowhead whales live to about 200 years old. They spend their entire lives feeding on plankton. What may at first appear to be an unbalanced diet is in fact amazingly varied. And exceedingly healthy. After all, plant plankton contains antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. All the essential nutrients you need for a long and healthy life.

Naturally strong:
plankton for fitness.

An evening jog in the park, gym session or yoga class – whichever you prefer, Plankton is the ideal training partner. It supports physical performance thanks to its broad spectrum of constituents. It also helps with rapid recovery and delays the onset of tiredness.


Save yourself 2 billion years of development time.

Plant plankton is the result of an inconceivably long evolutionary process – which we are continuing to work on. Our team of biologists, product managers and food professionals develops usable semi-finished products for your application – in powder, paste or granulated form. We deliver plankton in all formats.

Unleashing potential.
Plankton for your products.

There are over 250,000 varieties of plant plankton. Let’s work together to find the right one to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a protein boost for smoothies or a healthy source of umami for vegan snacks – our expertise and many years of experience will help us find exactly the right component for your individual product concept.

How we use our expertise to support your product development:



We discuss your product ideas with you and come up with a suitable concept.



Spirulina? Or rather a green algae?We will find the best type of plankton for your product concept.



We take care of everything – from the customised selection of raw materials to cell wall modelling and targeted taste and colour solutions.



Plant plankton is a fascinating story. We will help you tell yourcustomers all about it.

The ingredient everyone
is talking about.

Plankton is the food of the future. That’s not just our opinion, it’s a belief shared by the WHO. Let’s work together to find out what role plant plankton can play in your future product developments.
We have answers.

Peter Holtkamp