Excels in all areas:
plant plankton.

We call it a natural all-inclusive package: plankton gives you everything you need for a balanced diet, from a wide variety of plant-based nutrients and bioactive compounds to essential fatty acids and valuable vitamin B12. Plankton therefore compensates for all the potential nutritional deficiencies of a vegetarian or vegan diet. As well as being a healthy addition for meat-eaters of course.

As healthy as fish.
But without the fish.

Why is fish such a highly valued and healthy food? Simply because fish feed on plankton. Everything that makes fish so healthy, such asomega-3 fatty acids, comes from plankton. So you can eat fish, without actually eatingfish. And save yourself the long detour through the food chain.

No more going without: everything you need is in plant plankton.

  • reat flavour thanks to plant-based umami seasoning
  • road spectrum of bioactive substances
  • lant-based vitamin B12, omega-3 andamino acids
  • 100% vegan